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Here's a few insights from Ayla, Sarah and Nuha after learning with us:

- Website is rather user-friendly.
- A whole range of subjects.
- Can learn at their own pace.
- Teachers often provide step by step explanations while explaining the questions.
- Nuha also mentioned that if she forgets something that she has already learned, she can just easily watch it again to refresh her memory!
Ayla, Sarah & Nuha

" I have been scoring very low marks in Biology when I was in Form 4. I feel very lucky to have met Mr Khor before my SPM exams and managed to score A in Biology for SPM. He would always guide his students the right way to control each and every concept, rather than just memorising them. I would say that Mr Khor is a great teacher who emphasises a lot on understanding the foundations of Biology."

Ting Qi - SPM 2020 10A
SMJK Ave Maria Convent, Ipoh

Jo An has managed to sit for the SPM examinations with full confidence, and she is very grateful that Mr Anson has guided her well! According to Jo An, she mentioned that Mr Anson uses jokes to help his students remember and understand Mathematics better.

Ng Jo An

" I have never thought that I could get an A+ in my SPM's Biology until I met Mr Khor. Before that, I only managed to get an A- or B+, but after I joined sir's class, I managed to score an A in my trial exam. I could see a HUGE improvement in Biology by using sir's exam answering techniques. Especially when sir teaches us by using interesting and "animated" slides. Since then, I did not memorize all those facts and procedures from thick reference books anymore. It's really really really fun and exciting when joining sir's class!!

Mr Khor is the BEST Biology teacher I had ever met!! Thank you so much sir!!."

Lau Jin Xuen - SPM 11A
SMJK Hua Lian, TaiPing
" Biology has always been fun and exciting with Mr Khor. I wish I've met Mr Khor way earlier to guide me in Biology as it is a tricky subject to score, whether it is SPM, trials or even normal school exams. AS a student, there was not one class that I did not look forward to. Thank you Mr Khor for exposing us to such fun learning way for Biology!"
Wan Kah Yan - SPM 2020 9A
Methodist Girls School, Ipoh
" Honestly, I was very interested in Biology since Form 3. However, I could never seem to score well during tests. I always scored ranging from C to D, and I found it hard to score since I did not know the right techniques to ace it. Little did I know, I managed to find Mr Khor! I found his classes very engaging. Trust me, you will never feel like falling asleep during his lessons. In addition, his noes are very easy to understand as he tries his best to come up with acronyms to memorise some of the Biology terminologies.

I would like to just say thank you to Mr Khor for guiding me through, I managed to get an A for Biology!! "
Laetitia Tan - SPM 2020 9A
SMK Damasara Jaya, Petaling Jaya

" It wasn't up until I took up Mr Khor's class only did I realize how much I was missing out on when it came to studying. Studying isn't just about reading, and Biology isn't just about memorizing. His classes are ever so lively as he incorporates ways of controlling a concept on top of the information itself. He also often uses imagery or animations to help us understand better. Through his informative yet interactive lessons, I found myself with a greater understanding of the concepts, as well as a more profound interest for the subject as well! "

Hue Wei Qian - SPM 10A
SMJK Kwang Hua

Mr Anson has been Jason's Mathematics teacher from Form 1 all the way to Form 5. He has always looked forward to his lessons with Mr Anson.

Jason mentioned that Mr Anson has taught him easy ways of memorizing formulas such as relating Mathematical questions to our daily lives, so it is easier to relate and understand better.
Jason Ong

" I was never confident in Biology until I met Mr Khor. He made it easier for me to understand, rather than the traditional way of memorising. By following his methods, you do not need to force yourself to memorize concepts again and again. His answering techniques and visual-learning method is very effective which I believe that's what brought me an A+ for Biology in SPM. Thank you, Mr Khor!!! "

Lim Xin Ping - SPM 2020 10A
SMK Bukit Tinggi, Klang

First of all, we would like to congratulate Ethan for scoring straight A's in his SPM examinations back in 2019.

Ethan strongly advices all the future SPM students who are sitting for both Additional Mathematics and Mathematics to take up Mr Anson's class as he has not only helped Ethan and his friends but also many other students to be score well in their exams!

Ethan - SPM 2019

"Mr Khor's teaching style is very innovative and his lessons are never boring. His notes are neatly organised, straightforward and super useful when it comes to answering exam questions."

Chong Jia Yee - SPM 2020 10A
SMK Bukit Tinggi

Congratulations to Iman for scoring A's in both Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.

Iman is currently studying Foundation in Science - UITM. Listen to what Iman has to say about his classes with Mr Anson.


Dear Jom Tuisyen,

I am thankful and happy that I have found Jom Tuisyen. I am enjoying studying online without needing to go for any tuition or extra classes which is very tiring and time consuming. With Jom Tuisyen, I can study at my own pace. Jom Tuisyen has made me enjoy learning my subjects and I have become even more confident to answer exam questions.

Mr Sunny's Physics and Additional Mathematics videos are very helpful. How he teaches physics is easy to understand and there is no need to memorize everything in the textbook. For add maths, how he explain is simple and easier for me to apply the concepts on add maths questions.

Also, Mr Martin has made Chemistry interesting and I have been enjoying chemistry ever since then. Mr Khor’s Biology is also very easy to understand and Biology has also been so fun to me now.

There are many subjects that Jom Tuisyen has offered me and it makes my revision quicker and easier. I hope that with Jom Tuisyen I can score well in all my examinations.

Irene Natasha
SPM (form 4) student from SMK Infant Jesus Convent Melaka

Congratulations to Lim Jia Hui in scoring 11As during SPM 2018. Listen to what she has to say, and how she has benefited from our videos to help her score so well in exams.

Lim Jia Hui

We are very proud and honored to receive Brian's testimonial. Brian achieved A+ for Additional Mathematics in SPM, two years ago, without attending even a single class in tuition. He followed Cikgu Sunny Yee's videos diligently, without skipping any. Remember, a very good tip from Brian: "Do not skip any steps or videos!" Watch his full video below, to learn how he managed to score so well by watching our videos!

Brian Ooi

Congratulations to Tan Hui Lian in scoring 10As during SPM 2018. Listen to what she has to say, and how she has benefited from our videos to help her score so well in exams.

Tan Hui Lin

Teck Fong is an ex-student of Mr Khor's Biology class. Congratulations to him for scoring 9As during the SPM 2016, and 4As during the STPM 2018. He is currently under The Star Scholarship studying BSC Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience University of Nottingham. Watch his full video below, to learn how he managed to score so well!

Kow Teck Fong

Bernard is sitting for SPM this year, and he is following Cikgu Sunny Yee's Additional Maths and Physics videos here to prepare himself for the exams. What is best to do during this MCO, other than staying safe at home and learn from our expert tutors!

Bernard Ooi

Dear Mr, Sunny Yee,

Than you very much for everything. Attending your Form 4 revision class at the end of my Form 3 year has given me a head start in my studies. Although I could not be part of your Form 4 class I was your virtual student through your seminars, articles in The Star and your books. Luckily, I also had the opportunity to participate in your Form 5 intensive class. Your unusual approach to the various subjects makes every class an enriching and interesting experience. May your passion and dedication in teaching continue to inspire and motivate more students to achieve their dreams!!

Yap Sui Lin
Student, SPM 16 As

Dear Sir,

First of all, I would like to thank you very much for helping me to score both A+ in my Add Maths and Physics. If I had not join your tuition since Form 4, I am sure I would not be able to achieve such results. Even though I live in Subang, which is quite far from SS2, it was definitely worth going through all the hardships to attend your class every week. The way how Sir teach is really amazing, full of spirit and enthusiasm. This is really what keeps me awake and pay my fullest attention in class.

Not only that, Sir's teaching skills are really easy to understand and full of reasoning by explaining to us why and how do we get this and instead of memorizing. Hence, this enables me to pick things up really quickly. Because of this, I have built a strong foundation in Add Maths and Physics since form 4 all the way till SPM. Even though now SPM is over, Sir's teaching is still very helpful in A-levels Maths and Physics and your teachings will continue to help me all the way til Uni. I am planning to do Actuarial Science in the future and thanks to Sir, I am able to pursue it.

I will also not forget to visit Sir once in a while like how your previous students have visited you during class. Once again, a thousand thank you to Sir for helping me achieve this fantastic results. Thank you.
Ryan Loke

Thank you Mr Yee for spending your time, energy and dedicated efforts for the past two years teaching us physics and additional mathematics. Teacher, you method of teaching and conveying an example was always unique, appealing and has made me understood and picked up the skills efficiently. Mr Yee's class had always been a wonderland to learn as he seems to have the power and capability to solve a challenging and fearsome question with a seemingly easy and creative solution which all the time had taken us aback and felt amazed. I really appreciate and feel grateful for having your guidance throughout the difficult times. I am happy to say that I have achieved A+ for Physics and Additional Mathematics in SPM. Thanks a million!

Kok Leong Ho
Hi Mr Sunny Yee,
I'm Joeal, your Add Maths student from you tuition centre in SS2. I am happy to tell you that with your coaching, I managed to score an A+ for my Add Maths. Attached is my results slip for your record. Once again, thank you so much for your coaching and your videos.
Joeal Chia

I am pleased to share my daughter Sherry Shamitha straight 10 As. 6 A+ (Eng, Moral, Science, Add Maths, Maths, Accts), 2A (BM, Economics), 2A- (Chinese, History) Tq. Kelly.


Hello Mr Yee. My name is Brenda from last year 2012 Form 5. I got an A- for Physics. Thank you very much for your effort.

Hi teacher!
This is Laveenyah from your Physics and Add Maths class. I got 9A+ and 1A, A for Physics. Thank you so much teacher 🙂

Hi Mr Sunny Yee,
Dear teacher,

I'm Mok Jia Yi, your Physics and Add Maths student last year. I'm sorry if I seem to be dozing off during your tuition because Tuesdays were always a tiring day for me. Now I'm taking Edexcel A-Levels in Methodist College, Kuala Lumpur, with Maths and Physics subjects.

Mok Jia Yi

I would like to thank you and Mr. Sunny Yee for helping us.

Zhen Hong can use the extra to put into good use - can keep watching on all Mr. Sunny Yee's videos. Compliments to Mr. Yee. His tricks (methods) really work. ZH really likes it. Thumbs up.

YF Yap